Illumination: The Art of Philip Wolfhagen

Illumination : the art of Philip Wolfhagen / [essay writers, Tim Winton, Jane Clark, Craig Judd, William Wright ; exhibition curator and essay writers, Sarah Johnson, Jane Stewart]
111 pages 
hardcover colour illustrations

Philip Wolfhagen is Australia’s pre-eminent contemporary landscape painter and this exhibition is his first career survey. Featuring fifty works from public and private collections, Wolfhagen’s ethereal and timeless landscapes depict a specific connection to land. This specially designed book features a 3,500 word essay by acclaimed Australian writer Tim Winton, 2 other essays by regarded curators, and an in- depth interview with the artist Philip Wolfhagen alongside 50 full colour plates of his beautiful work. Wolfhagen is highly sought after by collectors and is represented in all major public collections Australia and several overseas. This is a Newcastle Art Gallery and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery travelling exhibition that explores the continuity of the landscape painting tradition commenced in Tasmania by Eugene von Guerard and John Glover, and its relevance in contemporary Australian art.

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Publication Date:   01 August 2013
Author:   Clark, Jane, Winton, C Tim
ISBN:       9780987344434